ES2Settings settings The ES2Settings object containing settings for this ES2Writer.


writer An underlying BinaryWriter for this ES2Writer.
ES2Writer.Create Creates an ES2Writer.
ES2Writer.Write Writes data of a supported type to the writer.
ES2Writer.Delete Marks a tag to be deleted.
ES2Writer.Save Stores the data in this ES2Writer to a permanent file.
ES2Writer.Dispose Manually disposes of this ES2Writer.


An ES2Writer can be used to write multiple pieces of data to a single file at once, improving performance. It can then be read using an ES2Reader or ES2 methods.

You can also Write sequentially to an ES2Writer, which is significantly faster than storing data which can be randomly accessed with tags.

You must use ES2Writer.Create to create the ES2Writer. Once you have written your data to the writer, you should then call ES2Writer.Save to store it.

If you are not using your ES2Writer in a using block, you must also call ES2Writer.Dispose when you are finished with it.

Also note that you should not write multiple tags of the same name to an ES2Writer, as this may cause unexpected behaviour.

For more information, see Faster Saving and Loading using ES2Writer and ES2Reader.


Saving tags to an ES2Writer

Saving data sequentially to an ES2Writer


Saving tags to an ES2Writer

Saving data sequentially to an ES2Writer