Save Methods

ES2.Save Saves data to a file.
ES2.SaveRaw Saves raw data to a file.
ES2.AppendRaw Appends raw data to the end of a file.
ES2.SaveImage Saves an image to file.

Load Methods

ES2.Load Loads data from a file.
ES2.LoadArray Loads an array from a file.
ES2.Load2DArray Loads a 2D array from a file.
ES2.Load3DArray Loads a 3D array from a file.
ES2.LoadList Loads a List from a file.
ES2.LoadDictionary Loads a Dictionary from a file.
ES2.LoadHashSet Loads a HashSet from a file.
ES2.LoadQueue Loads a Queue from a file.
ES2.LoadStack Loads a Stack from a file.
ES2.LoadAll Loads all tags from a file as a Dictionary.
ES2.LoadRaw Loads data from a file in a raw format.
ES2.LoadObject Loads data from a file as a System.Object
ES2.LoadAudio Loads audio data from a file.
ES2.LoadImage Loads an image from a file.

File and Folder Methods

ES2.Exists Checks whether a file, folder or tag exists.
ES2.Delete Deletes a file, folder or tag.
ES2.DeleteDefaultFolder Deletes the default save folder, where possible.
ES2.Rename Renames a file or folder.
ES2.GetFiles Gets a list of filenames within a folder.
ES2.GetFolders Gets a list of folder names within a folder.
ES2.GetTags Gets a list of tag names from a file.

This is the static class which contains the main methods of Easy Save.