ES3 Cloud Sync Action


Synchronises a local file with the server.

  • If the local file is newer than the file on the server, or no file exists on the server:
    • The file on the server will be overwritten with the local file.
  • If the file on the server is newer than the local file, or no file exists locally:
    • The local file will be overwritten with the file on the server.

If no path parameter is provided, it will attempt to sync the default file.

If no user parameter is provided, the file will be global to all users.


Url The URL to the ES3Cloud.php file on your server.

Api Key

The API key you were given when setting up ES3Cloud on your server.


The relative or absolute path of the local file we want to sync.


[Optional] A user and/or password if we want to make this file user-specific.

Error Code

If an error occurs, this will be set to an error code describing the error. See the error code page for more information."

Error Handling

[Optional] Events triggered when an error occurs.

Override Default Settings

[Optional] The settings we want to use to override the default settings.