public long errorCode


An error code if an error occurred on this ES3Cloud object.

Use ES3Cloud.isError to determine if an error occurred, and ES3Cloud.error to get a message describing the error.


An error code if an error occurred, otherwise null.

Error Codes

Note: Error codes of 100 and above are HTTP response codes returned by the server.

0 No error occurred.
1 An error occurred at Unity's end.
2 Data was downloaded when an empty response was expected. It is likely that the server has returned an error.
3 File does not exist in the database on the server.
400 Server did not receive the required POST parameters to process the request, or no data (or an empty file) was sent to the server when performing an upload request.
403 Permission denied. Likely caused by providing an incorrect API key.
501 Could not connect to database.