ES3Cloud Class

Allows uploading and downloading of file to and from cloud storage.

This requires that an ES3.php file and MySQL tables are installed on your server.

For more information, see the Uploading and Downloading Files using ES3Cloud guide.

For most circumstances, you will only need to use the ES3Cloud.Sync method.

isError Whether an error occurred after the last operation was performed.
error Contains an error message if an error occurred.
errorCode Contains an error code if an error occurred.
data Contains any data downloaded by the previous operation.
text Contains any data downloaded by the previous operation, as a UTF8 string.
timestamp Contains a timestamp after calling the DownloadTimestamp method."
filenames Contains an array of filenames after calling the DownloadFilenames method
ES3Cloud Constructor Creates an ES3Cloud object.
ES3Cloud.Sync Synchronises a local file with the server.
ES3Cloud.UploadFile Uploads a local file to the server.
ES3Cloud.DownloadFile Downloads a file from the server and stores it as a local file.
ES3Cloud.DeleteFile Removes a file from the server.
ES3Cloud.RenameFile Renames a file on the server.
ES3Cloud.DownloadFilenames Downloads an array of all of the file names on the server for a user.
ES3Cloud.SearchFilenames Downloads an array of all of the file names on the server for a user which match a search pattern.
ES3Cloud.DownloadTimestamp Downloads the date and time a given file was updated.
ES3Cloud.AddPOSTField Adds a POST field to the request for custom implementations.