ES3 Class

This is the static class which contains the main methods of Easy Save.

Once you have imported Easy Save into your project, you can immediately use any of these methods in your scripts.

ES3.Save Saves a value to a file.
ES3.SaveRaw Saves raw data to a file.
ES3.AppendRaw Appends raw data to the end of a file.
ES3.SaveImage Saves a Texture2D as an image file.
ES3.Load Load a value from a file.
ES3.LoadInto Load a value from a file into an existing object.
ES3.LoadRawBytes Loads data from a file as a byte array.
ES3.LoadRawString Loads data from a file as a string.
ES3.LoadImage Loads a JPG or PNG image file as a Texture2D.
ES3.LoadAudio Loads an audio file as an AudioClip.
ES3.KeyExists Checks whether a key exists in a file.
ES3.FileExists Checks whether a file exists.
ES3.DirectoryExists Checks whether a file exists.
ES3.DeleteKey Deletes a key from a file.
ES3.DeleteFile Deletes a file.
ES3.DeleteDirectory Deletes a directory.
ES3.RenameFile Renames a file.
ES3.CopyFile Makes a copy of a file.
ES3.GetKeys Gets an array of all of the key names in a file.
ES3.GetFiles Gets an array of all of the file names in a directory.
ES3.GetDirectories Gets an array of all of the sub-directory names in a directory.
ES3.GetTimestamp Gets the date and time a file was last updated.
ES3.CacheFile Loads a locally-stored file into the cache.
ES3.StoreCachedFile Stores a file in the cache to a local file.
ES3.CreateBackup Makes a backup of a file.
ES3.RestoreBackup Deletes a file.