public static void LoadInto<T>(string key, string filePath, T obj, ES3Settings settings)


Loads the value from a file with the given key into an existing object, rather than creating a new instance.

KeyNotFoundException or FileNotFoundException will be thrown if the data does not exist. You can use ES3.KeyExists or ES3.FileExists to check if the data exists before loading.

LoadInto can also accept an array (or List) as a parameter, and will load the data into each object in the array. The array must contain the same number of items as the array we are loading.


key The unique key which identifies the data we're loading.


The object of type T we want to load the data into.


[Optional] The relative or absolute path of the file we want to load from.
T [Optional] The type of the data we wish to load. Can be an inherited type.


[Optional] The settings we want to use to override the default settings.