Upload Raw Action


Uploads an FsmString to the ES2.php file on your server as a readable UTF8 string.

For information on setting up web functionality, see the Saving and Loading from Web guide.


Save Value The FsmString we want to upload.


The URL to your ES2.php file on your server.

Is Done

An FSM Event to call when the data has finished uploading.

Error Code

If an error occurs, an error code will be stored here.

Web Username

The Unity username specified at the top of your ES2.php file

Web Password

The Unity password specified at the top of your ES2.php file


A name we will use to uniquely identify this piece of save data.


The web file we want to save our data to. This is used to group tags together.


Whether we want to encrypt our data.

Encryption Password

The password to use to encrypt our data if encryption is enabled.

Upload Raw String Action for Easy Save