Frequently Asked Questions

What type of data can I save?

See the Supported Types page for a list of types you may save and load with Easy Save 2.


Does Easy Save 2 support Jagged Arrays or Collections containing Collections?

This is not currently supported, though it may be possible to code your project to work around this.

Where does Easy Save 2 save data by default?

By default it saves data in the folder specified by Application.persistentDataPath, which differs between platform. You can see where this is on the Editor by going to Assets > Easy Save 2 > Settings > Information.

On the Unity Web Player, data is saved to PlayerPrefs, which in turn saves data to a registry. This is because you are not allowed you save to file on the Web Player due to security constraints.

Easy Save does not save in the project folder as this folder does not exist once you’ve built your application.


Can I save to File using Web Player?

You can not save to a file on the user’s hard disk for security reasons, so instead Easy Save saves to the registry. However, you can save to a MySQL database on a Web Server using ES2Web.


How much data can I save using the Web Player?

Because the Web Player uses PlayerPrefs, you are limited to 1MB of data.


How do I enable Easy Save 2 for Playmaker?

To install or update the Playmaker actions, simply go to the Assets/Easy Save 2 menu and select Enable or Update PlayMaker Action.


What characters can I use in a tag or password?

You may use the characters 0-9, A-Z, a-z and ! @ # $ . – ; : * < > % ^ ( ) + ]


When submitting an iOS app, do I need to declare that Easy Save uses encryption?

Yes, unless you use the UnityPackage found HERE to disable encryption fully.

Web Functionality uses MD5 hashing and Encryption uses 128-bit AES (Symmetric). If you use either of these features, you must declare that you use encryption when asked.

If you are unsure of anything regarding this matter, contact Apple, as we cannot assist with this process.


Does Easy Save support iCloud?

Although Easy Save does not have its own iCloud functionality, it is very easy to integrate it with existing iCloud plugins. For information on how to do this, see the iCloud Integration Example.


Can I use Stripping with Easy Save 2?

Yes, you may use either Strip assemblies or Strip ByteCode by putting the link.xml file supplied with Easy Save in your Assets folder.

Like most Unity plugins, Use micro mscorlib is not supported as it removes certain libraries on which Easy Save relies.

Note: If you’re using 2D arrays and stripping, you must use ES2.Save2DArray instead of ES2.Save.


Can I use folders with Windows Store and Windows Phone 8?

Folders are not currently supported using Windows Store or Windows Phone 8 because of the way saved data is handled on these platforms.


Can I use Encryption with Windows Store and Windows Phone 8?

Yes, but because it uses SHA encryption rather than AES, you won’t be able to open the save data on other platforms.


Can I use 2D Arrays with Windows Store and Windows Phone 8?

At the moment 2D Arrays do not work with WP8 and Metro due to a bug with Unity.


‘Internal compiler error’

This is usually fixed by completely removing Easy Save from the Assets/Plugins folder and reinstalling from the Asset Store.

If this doesn’t fix the error and you’re using Unity 3.5, you need to delete the Metro and WP8 folders from Assets/Plugins.

You may also need to restart Unity.


‘Not allowed access to Tangents on Mesh’

Before you can save a mesh, you must make it editable. To do this, click the Mesh in the Project hierarchy and select Read/Write Enabled.


‘UnityException: Texture ‘Rngp7′ is not readable, the texture memory can not be accessed from scripts’

Before you can save or load a Texture, you must make it editable. To do this, click the Texture in the Project hierarchy, set the Texture Type to Advanced and then select Read/Write Enabled.


‘Unsupported texture format – needs to be ARGB32, RGBA32, RGB24 or Alpha8’

You must set the texture type to ARGB 32 bitRGB 24 bit or Alpha 8 in the import settings for the texture to be able to save it. Note that RGB 24 bit does not support transparency.