PlayMaker Actions Overview

Save Saves a value to a file.
Save All Saves all Fsm and/or Global variables to a file.
Save Raw Saves raw data to a file.
Append Raw Appends raw data to the end of a file.
Save Image Saves a Texture2D as an image file.
Load Load a value from a file.
Load Into Load a value from a file into an existing object.
Load All Loads all Fsm and/or global variables from a file.
Load Raw String Loads data from a file as a string.
Load Image Loads a JPG or PNG image file as a Texture2D.
Load Audio Loads an audio file as an AudioClip.
Key Exists Checks whether a key exists in a file.
File Exists Checks whether a file exists.
Directory Exists Checks whether a file exists.
Delete Key Deletes a key from a file.
Delete File Deletes a file.
Delete Directory Deletes a directory.
Rename File Renames a file.
Copy File Makes a copy of a file.
Get Keys Gets an array of all of the key names in a file.
Get Files Gets an array of all of the file names in a directory.
Get Directories Gets an array of all of the sub-directory names in a directory.
Cache File Caches a local file.
Store Cached File Stores a file in the cache as a permanent local file.
Create Backup Makes a backup of a file.
Restore Backup Deletes a file.
ES3 Spreadsheet Create Creates an FsmES3Spreadsheet to store data to.
ES3 Spreadsheet Load Loads a CSV file into an FsmES3Spreadsheet.
ES3 Spreadsheet Set Cell Sets the value of a cell.
ES3 Spreadsheet Get Cell Gets the value of a cell.
ES3 Spreadsheet Save Stores an FsmES3Spreadsheet to a CSV file.