Encryption & compression

Easy Save supports AES encryption with an 128-bit key, which can be enabled in the default settings or by using an ES3Settings object as a parameter.

By default encryption is disabled.

You will usually want to delete your previous save data if you enable encryption as your previous save data will be unencrypted. You can do this in the Editor by going to Tools > Easy Save 3 > Clear Persistent Data Path. For other platforms, please follow that platform’s instructions for deleting app data.

Encryption export restrictions

Due to export restrictions some app stores require you to declare that you are using encryption. We are unable to provide advice on this for legal reasons, so for more information please see the appropriate page for the App Store you are using:

Security of AES encryption

Just because a file is encrypted, that does not mean it is protected from all attacks. For example:

  • A weak password would make it easier defeat the encryption through brute force.
  • A bad actor may be able to reverse engineer your project to retrieve a hardcoded password or modify it to disable encryption.
  • The password could be exposed indirectly, for example through social engineering or hacking of your private channels or project’s repository.

Some things you can do to improve security include:

  • Ensuring your passwords are long and consist of a random string of letters, numbers and punctuation.
  • Not storing data locally, which can be achieved by using the cache and persisting your data on a secure server, for example using ES3Cloud.
  • Not storing your password locally, but instead retrieving it from a server and linking it with a user account with a unique, random password for each user.
  • Ensuring your source code is not publicly accessible.

If security is of utmost importance for your project we recommend consulting a security expert.

Easy Save supports Gzip compression, which reduces files by 85% on average.

By default compression is disabled, but you can enable it in Window > Easy Save 3 > Settings, or by using an ES3Settings object: