ES3Spreadsheet Class

Represents the cells of a spreadsheet, which can then be written to a CSV file using the ES3Spreadsheet.Save method.

ES3Spreadsheet Constructor Creates an empty ES3Spreadsheet.
ES3Spreadsheet.RowCount Gets the number of rows in the spreadsheet.
ES3Spreadsheet.ColumnCount Gets the number of columns in the spreadsheet.
ES3Spreadsheet.SetCell Sets the value of a given cell.
ES3Spreadsheet.GetCell Gets the value at a given cell.
ES3Spreadsheet.Save Saves the ES3Spreadsheet as a CSV file.
ES3Spreadsheet.Load Loads a CSV file into an ES3Spreadsheet.
ES3Spreadsheet.GetColumnLength Gets the height of a column.
ES3Spreadsheet.GetRowLength Gets the width of a row.