Viewing and Modifying Files using the File Editor

Because Easy Save stores data in a super-fast binary format, it is not possible to edit them using a normal file editor.

However, you can edit them using Easy Save’s File Editor.

You can open the File Editor by going to the Assets menu and selecting Easy Save 2 > File Editor.

To open a file, simply click the Open File button and select your file.

To create a new file, it’s as simple as clicking the New File button.

The File Editor allows you to create files, delete files, create tags, delete tags and modify a tag’s data.

The list on the left of the window shows all of the tags in a file. Select one to view the tag’s data or modify it.

Alternatively, enter a tag name and type into the Add New Tag field and add a new tag to the file.

  • It can only view files which are saved using Easy Save’s tags, not data written sequentially.
  • It can only view and modify types which are in the Supported Types list. We intend on adding the ability to allow you to extend it to your own types at a later date.