Parameters allow us to specify settings for Easy Save within the path.

It’s formatted in the same way as a HTTP query string, where the ? character marks the beginning of the parameters, and a & separates each parameter.

For example, to enable encryption and set the encryption password, we can simply add it to the end of our path:

ES2.Save(123, "myFile.txt?encrypt=true&password=myPassword");

General Parameters

tag Allows you to save multiple pieces of data into a single file, using the tag to identify that piece of data.
encrypt Enables encryption for this operation.
password The password to use for encryption.
savelocation Where we want to perform our operation. File, PlayerPrefs or Resources.
webusername The username specified in ES2.php when using web functionality.
webpassword The password specified in ES2.php when using web functionality.
webfilename The web file we want to save to when saving to web.

Mesh Parameters

savenormals Whether to save normals when saving Meshes.
saveuv Whether to save UVs when saving Meshes.
saveuv2 Whether to save UV2s when saving Meshes.
savetangents Whether to save tangents when saving Meshes.