Dictionary<string, object> loadedData The underlying Dictionary containing our loaded data.

Load Methods

ES2Data.Load Loads data from a file.
ES2Data.LoadArray Loads an array from a file.
ES2Data.Load2DArray Loads a 2D array from a file.
ES2Data.Load3DArray Loads a 3D array from a file.
ES2Data.LoadList Loads a List from a file.
ES2Data.LoadDictionary Loads a Dictionary from a file.
ES2Data.LoadHashSet Loads a HashSet from a file.
ES2Data.LoadQueue Loads a Queue from a file.
ES2Data.LoadStack Loads a Stack from a file.

Other Methods

ES2Data.TagExists Checks whether a tag exists in this data.
ES2Data.GetTags Returns all of the tags within this file.

The ES2Data class contains the objects loaded by ES2.LoadAll, and provides methods to easily load this data without having to cast it yourself.

Note: There are no self-assigning methods in the ES2Data class.