Easy Save 3 Beta Notes – Read Me Before Using Beta

Easy Save 3 will be a free update for all existing users, and is available now as a beta.

The Easy Save 3 beta is provided without warranty.

How do I get it?

  1. Download Easy Save v2.8.0 or above from the Unity Asset Store using Unity 5.6 or above.
  2. Then either:
    1. Go to the Assets menu and press Install or Update Easy Save 3 Beta at the bottom of the menu.
    2. Or go to Assets/Easy Save 2/ and double-click the Easy Save Beta UnityPackage to install it.

Where’s the documentation?

Documentation is HERE.

Where can I report bugs or ask questions about the beta?

Either in the dedicated Easy Save 3 forum, or directly using our Contact Form.

Known Bugs

  • IndexOutOfRangeException when first opening Easy Save 3 window.
    • Fixed in 2.8.0f1.

What’s new in Easy Save 3?

  • Save UnityEngine.Object types by reference
  • Serializable classes are automatically supported without having to create an ES3Type file
  • Simpler API, and no more individual methods for arrays and collections
  • JSON format is now supported
  • Inheritance is now supported
  • Save and load GameObjects and prefab instances
  • Out of the box support for many more UnityEngine types

What won’t be included when the beta is released?

The following will be included later in the beta when the main API has been adequately tested:

  • Web functionality
  • Auto Save Visual Scripting
  • Spreadsheet methods
  • BSON and XML support
  • Only UnityEngine types which were supported in Easy Save 2 will be supported on release, but we plan on adding support for all commonly used types before the beta ends.
  • It will be optimised for debugging rather than performance
  • A better-looking GUI

When can I get it?

Soon. We’re currently waiting on a more stable beta of Unity 2017 so we can ensure the beta is compatible when we release it.

What about Easy Save 2?

Don’t worry, Easy Save 2 will still be supported at least throughout the Unity 2017 cycle.

However, Easy Save 2 and Easy Save 3 are not compatible with each other. Data stored with Easy Save 2 is not compatible with Easy Save 3, and vice versa.